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When considering a home to purchase, what are some of the main items you look for? The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, open floor plan or split floor plan, kitchen space, formal dining, and many other specific needs, are just a few things to consider. This is the same for a potential buyer that is considering your home to purchase.

The first impressions sets the stage! When that stage is set correctly it shows the potential of how a house can truly come together in each persons individual way. Too many items can deter a potential buyer from the ability to visualize their own belongings in the home. Too little can make a room seem smaller than it truly is. Correct staging sells homes 73% faster then a home that it too cluttered or empty. Studies show proven results of fewer days on the market with correct staging.

Before the home goes on the market, its ideal for the Realtor and Home Owner to walk through the home with a Stager and discuss the best way to showcase the home inside and out. If the discussion has not happened between the Realtor and the Home Owner about painting or repairs that are needed, this is a good time to discuss this as well. Click on the Contact tab and fill in your information or simply give us a call to schedule a personal Walk and Talk at the home.

Should you choose to work with Southern Comforts Home Staging and Design, the consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of staging, detailed in your Home Staging Proposal. Whether your trying sell or lease a home and whether it is vacant or occupied, Southern Comforts Home Staging and Design will set the stage to WOW potential buyers!