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Making Ribbon Garland

If any of you are bargain shoppers like me, you will appreciate this easy to do garland. I have made mine for Easter, but the a limitless variety of ribbon options to choose from out there, you can do this for any holiday or occasion. I made a darling one to lay across the top of my hutch in the dining room that had wine colored ribbons and different wine patterned ribbons. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine who loved it when she came over, before I took pictures of it. 

Supplies: Ribbon, Scissors, and String. 

-You can use as many different ribbons as you would like. However, you want to see the pattern at the end result. Too many different ribbons can make it fill like it has no rhyme or reason and can appear to be too busy and distracting from the over all look you’re going for. I used 12 different ribbons for this Easter Garland I made for my fireplace. Be sure to cut all your ribbon the same length and lay them out in the order you want them to go in. Stick to that order all the way through the garland. You can use a number of different ropes or twine, depending on how puffy your want it. Smaller cut ribbons will have a thinner garland outcome, needing a thinner string. I used a thick string because I knew I would have some long ribbons and some that were wide. Thicker string holds the thicker ribbon much better. I would suggest you not go more then about 6-7 inches on your ribbon strips, and 4-5 inches for a thinner garland. One thing to consider with your ribbon is that ribbon that has a wire in it can be cut longer because the wire will hold it in place. Ribbon without wire will just fall over if its too long and not give you the look your going for. 

Make your garland as long or as short as you want! Have fun with it. I usually have a really full mantel for most holidays so this Easter I opted to try a new look and make it shorter then the length of the mantel so my accessories would have more dimension to them and accent the edges of the mantel instead.    

-Quick tip…When you know you will be making a Ribbon Garland for an up coming party, holiday, or whatever the occasion, check out your local Hobby Lobby or Joann’s Fabrics for the ribbon sales and start collecting early. Ribbon is 50% off every other week at Hobby Lobby and I have never walked into Joann’s when they were having a sale. You may also find a pattern that you absolutely love and have to buy what they have but still need more. Buying ahead of time will give you that opportunity to collect a little more each time you go to the store, before you actually sit down to start creating. Each spool of ribbon has a different length so you may need to buy more of one then the other. I hope you have fun with this creation! I know I sure do!