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Restored Side Table

I found this adorable table laying in my mother in laws garage a few weeks ago. When I asked her what she was going to do with it, she said she was going to put it out for trash pickup. Of course I had to ask if I could repurpose it and I happily brought it home. These little projects are so fun! I’m a bit impatient and like to see my results sooner than later. These simple ones can be done in a few hours. I was able to put it to use that same evening. 

-This table had some dust on it from being in the garage but nothing a little elbow grease and a warm wet wash clothe couldn’t handle. Once it was dry sprayed it with White Chalk paint. This is the best stuff ever. It dries quickly, comes in so many wonderful colors, and can start antiquing it in minutes if you’d like. For now, I left this one with the white Chalk finish and it worked out perfectly for some of my Easter Decorations. The more I walk by it, the more I want to change it up again. After Easter, I may just use some gray chalk paint over the white. This way I can sand it down to show some of the white through and give it a bit of a rustic farmhouse look. The best thing is, you can change it up as many times as you want to give it a different look. You may just see this piece in one of our staged homes as well if you are either selling or buying a home. It can be so universal!