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Making Candle Wreaths

Candle Wreaths can be hard to find and in most cases they don’t fit your candle holder or the candle itself. Then you end up on a hunt for different variety of Candle Wreaths until you find what fits your décor. I went on that same hunt for several months. I finally gave up and decided there has to be a way to make exactly what I’m looking for.

I gathered the materials needed to create the greenery I was looking for. With a little bit of patience and hot glue, I was able to make the right size rings for the candle holder and candles I was working with. The pictures provided were taken at the beginning of the Fall season, with the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in the back of my mind to start preparing decorations for. By using greenery as your base, you can then add your own accents to change the look out for every holiday. The final picture is the centerpiece on my dining room table for Thanksgiving. I have since changed out the décor around the candle sticks to go with Christmas and Valentines, with many more holidays to come.